How to place an order

There are various ways to place your order with Urmet. 

Before placing your order however, you should ensure that you have selected the correct products which meet your project's requirements. 

If you do have an account with Urmet, use our 'Request a Quote' feature to place your order. 

If you do not have an account with Urmet, see below for guidance.

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How to use our 'Request a Quote' service to place an order

One way you can order with us is to use our 'Request a Quote' service. This is found at the top right of any page on our site. 

NOTE:  You do not need to use the request a quote feature to place an order with us, for instructions on how to do this please see below.

Once you have identified the product/s that you require using our product search, begin your purchase by clicking on the 'Request a Quote' button found at the top right of any page on our site. 

This will now take you to our Request a Quote form, enter your email address to get started. 

If you have previously set up an account using the email that you provided, the details will appear here. If not, then continue to add your details and set up an account, see form below.

Once your account has been set up/selected, you must now choose what type of quote you require. If you require our products as opposed to replacement parts, click 'System'.

Now fill in the details regarding the system/products you require. If you do not require Door Entry systems/products, press the 'skip' button to go to Access Control. 

To complete your quote, tell us more information about your requirements, and upload any supporting documents so we can accurately quote your order.

Your quote is now complete!

A member of our team will send your quotation back to you, and to confirm your purchase you must send an official company order, or email confirmation of your order to our customer service team, using your quote number as a reference.

Place an Order

Once you have received your quote back from our customer service team and are happy it needs no more/no revisions you can place your order with us.

To place an order we must receive either an official company order, or email confirmation of your order to our customer service team at, please confirm your quote number in your order email if you have one.

We have stopped taking orders over the phone and now require written confirmation of your order in full. Within your order email, please include the following details:

  • Your Order in Full 
  • Delivery Date
  • Full Delivery Address (including postcode)
  • Contact Number for the recipient

If you require part shipment, we require an order in full for all the equipment you need, then we can manage your future equipment needs with call offs. 

I don't have an account with Urmet, how do I order?

There is a different process for customers who do not have an account with us. 

You must order replacement/spare parts via our website; if you are ordering off of our product line then you will need to use our request a quote service, and request a pro forma invoice.

Ordering off of the product line

Once you have selected the products you require, you can use our 'Request a Quote' service to receive a quote for the products you require. 

Once you have confirmed that your quote needs no more revisions, please confirm this to our customer service team at

Now, place your order either by email confirmation or by using an official company order, make sure to include your quote number in your order if you have one.

Our customer service team will now provide you with a pro forma invoice, payment is required up front before you receive your order. Once payment is confirmed you will receive an email confirming your order -

You are able to use the number provided on your invoice as your order number should have any problems with your order once it has arrived.

Replacement/Spare Parts

If you do not have an account with us, you must now order replacement/spare parts directly from our website.

Once you have searched for the spare parts that you require, and added them to your cart, you must navigate to your cart.

This can be found in the top right part of any page on our site.

Within your cart, you will be able to remove products that are no longer needed, adjust product quantities and apply any coupons that you may have. Once this is finalised, select 'Proceed to checkout'.

Once you have clicked 'Proceed to checkout', you will have to put in your details to confirm the transaction. Make sure you accept the Terms and Conditions, then proceed to Paypal where the transaction is confirmed. 

Now just click Proceed to Paypal to enter your payment details to finalise your order with us. 

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